Video partnership helps dealers stay connected, keep social distance

URBANDALE, Iowa and MISSION, Kan. – 

A new collaboration between Flick Fusion and VinSolutions aims to ease the process for dealership staff to capture and share videos from within their existing CRM system.

Flick Fusion is a video hosting, marketing and distribution platform, and VinSolutions is the provider of Connect CRM, a dealership customer relationship management system.

VinSolutions has selected Flick Fusion’s Smart Flicks platform to deliver integrated video communications to auto dealership customers via VinSolutions Connect CRM and the Connect CRM mobile app. The companies say their collaboration helps dealers “win the battle with social distancing.”

The capability of dealerships to capture and share videos from within their existing CRM system “is more important than ever in today’s unprecedented climate,” the companies say.

They add that the enhanced ability to engage and inform car shoppers helps “propel the buying process” and expand opportunities to make customer connections inside and outside the showroom.

Flick Fusion chief operating officer Tim James described video communication as having a strong impact on the automotive shopper. James said video communication has been shown to increase appointments, shows and sales.

“Though there are a large number of stand-alone video communication options, the fact is that most owners and general managers would prefer that all of their communications — including video — originate from their CRM,” James said in a news release.

James added, “Full integration of our video communication products with VinSolutions Connect CRM provides dealerships with a platform to easily create, store, and deliver a powerful video experience that is more informative and engaging than any other form of communication.”

VinSolutions vice president of sales Chase Abbott said customers seek comprehensive information when they contact a dealership. Videos, he said, meet that need most effectively.

“Flick Fusion’s video platform allows dealership staff to deliver a highly personalized and immersive customer experience, which ultimately drives more engagement, lead conversions and sales,” Abbott said.

Connect CRM customers will be able to upload or create new personalized video content. They will be able to gain access to a library of pre-populated new model vehicle videos, which they can send out to their customers from within their CRM.

The system allows a dealership’s inventory videos to be pre-populated into the library.

Salespeople can use the Connect Mobile app to capture live walkaround vehicle inventory videos to send in response to lead inquiries.

Gulf Auto Direct general manager Erich Black said that because of the current atmosphere of constant change, quick and easy communication with its customers is crucial.

“Our partnership with Flick Fusion and VinSolutions gives every member of our team the ability to use videos to answer questions, do deep-dive vehicle walk-arounds, or communicate important messages so our customers get the individualized attention they expect from the comfort of their own home,” Black said.

Black continued, “The availability of communication records for every shopper profile and real-time reporting is really important from an accountability standpoint and enables us to identify which messages really make a difference.” 

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