Upcoming DRN webinar focused on post COVID-19 collections

CARY, N.C. – 

One of the founding members of the Automotive Intelligence Council is tackling perhaps one of the most daunting challenges ever — how collections will proceed once the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

SubPrime Auto Finance News is hosting a free webinar featuring DRN executive vice president and general manager of fintech Jeremiah Wheeler, who will delve into five crucial takeaways to help auto-finance companies and recovery firms navigate through collections and repossessions after COVID-19.

The free session is scheduled for 2 p.m. ET on April 14.

“Now more than ever, making right party contact with debtors is the key to improving business models. DRN has historical vehicle location data that extends well before the pandemic, during and now after that can help you locate debtors with better addresses,” DRN said.

“DRN’s vehicle location data transforms automotive recovery processes and substantially increases portfolio returns,” the company continued. “We’ll share client case studies showing how using our data has changed their business processes. We’ll explain how DRN’s exclusive data and analytics helps customers know more, faster and what it can mean for you in the times to come.”

The key takeaways Wheeler plans to share during the webinar:

• Prepare your business now for actions post COVID-19.

• Historical data can be the key to finding the debtor.

• Making right party contact can help mitigate losses.

• Delinquency is not always the end of the road for your customer.

• Increase portfolio returns by transforming the recovery process.

Registration for the webinar can be completed on this website.

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