Stream now a partner in FordDirect advertising program


Tech-enabled advertising agency Stream Companies says it has been chosen as a premier partner in the FordDirect Advantage Digital Advertising program, noting that with the partnership, Stream now has access to more Ford and Lincoln consumer data.

Stream says it has been in advertising for more than 20 years, and the company said the new partnership means it can bring “even more retail traffic to Ford and Lincoln dealers.”

The company said it will use its increased access to more Ford and Lincoln consumer data to fuel its “results-driven approach.”

Among Stream’s main advertising services are paid search advertising, digital video advertising, social media advertising, behavioral targeted advertising, search engine optimization, media, website merchandising, creative services, shopper suite and MyShowroom.

The company says it unifies traditional and digital services to connect dealerships’ brick and mortar and online showrooms for “stronger marketing and increased sales.”

It does that by implementing AI-enabled technologies and an integrated team of people using “measurable data to chart each dealership’s unique growth story.”

Stream Companies chief executive officer and co-founder David Regn said the company was excited about how the partnership will help Stream deliver services for its Ford dealer partners.

“We look forward to introducing our fully integrated advertising media and technology approach to Ford and Lincoln dealers across the country,” Regn said in a news release.

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