Spiffy’s vehicle disinfection verification app seeks to ease travel concerns


Because of health concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic, only three out of 10 people feel confident when traveling.

That is according to a recent survey from on-demand car care, technology and services company Get Spiffy.

With that in mind, Get Spiffy has released its SpiffySafe vehicle disinfection verification app for iPhone and Android devices.

With the SpiffySafe app, owners such as rental car companies, ride-hailing drivers and car-sharing hosts gain access to a 40-point checklist for properly disinfecting their vehicles.

After completion of the checklist, it is encrypted and stored in the cloud for future verification searches. Using their license plate or VIN number, passengers and renters can look up vehicles to see when they were last disinfected.

Get Spiffy developed the 40-point checklist at the heart of the app based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, Environmental Protection Agency, and World Health Organization.

The free SpiffySafe application is now available on iOS and Android.

In addition to its own survey, Get Spiffy also noted that a May 2020 McKinsey & Company study showed that fewer than 10% of respondents believe carsharing, ridesharing, or shared micro-mobility to be safe.

Spiffy chief executive officer Scot Wingo said a more detailed disinfection verification is necessary, especially in the rental industry and for shared mobility.

“We see the SpiffySafe app as a means to promote effective disinfection practices for drivers and operators, which can put passengers at ease,” Wingo said in a news release.

Spiffy’s survey sought to create a snapshot of consumer confidence in transportation and travel. The survey, which took place in early September, showed that 83% of respondents have traveled since the pandemic. But a much lower percentage felt confident doing it.

Spiffy vice president of marketing Grayson Leverenz said COVID-19 has understandably shaken confidence in transportation and travel.

“As disruptors in the auto care industry, we are always thinking about ways to solve problems with technology,” Leverenz said. “The SpiffySafe app is designed to help keep people healthy and build confidence in travel through vehicle disinfection certification.”

Additional highlights from Spiffy’s survey, in which 289 people participated: Regarding transportation choices, 68% of respondents use a personal vehicle, 20% use car sharing or shared mobility, 18% travel by plane, and 11% travel by rental car. Eighty-three percent of respondents have traveled during the pandemic and 17% have not.

Also according to the survey, fewer than 10% of respondents believe carsharing, ride sharing, or shared mobility to be safe. Eighty-one percent believe a private vehicle is safe.

Spiffy says that travel industry companies can combine the SpiffySafe app with precautions such as mask requirements, hand sanitizer, and communication. If that takes place, more people will feel comfortable getting back on the road, the company said.

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