Spiffy’s new partnerships with Carvana, others address vehicle lifecycle needs beyond car care


Spiffy began as a mobile car wash and detailing service, but has since expanded to cover other aspects of car care, like oil changes, tire replacement and vehicle disinfection.

And Wednesday, the company announced a trio of partnerships and a third-party marketplace that address the needs of vehicle ownership to an even deeper degree — and beyond vehicle care and maintenance

Through its Complete Car Care program, Spiffy has lined up partnerships with Carvana, Gabi and Uproar.com to help consumers handle the vehicle lifecycle needs involving trade-in valuation, insurance and warranty/repairs, respectively.

Breaking those down, Gabi is designed to help vehicle owners change or bundle insurance coverage to save money, using an insurance comparison tool.  Uproar aims to take extended warranties and convert them to monthly subscriptions.

And while most know of Carvana as an online car retailer, its partnership with Spiffy involves the trade-in process, using its trade-in valuation tool.

Consumers can use the Spiffy app to punch in vehicle information to generate a trade-in value from Carvana, the consumer can either put that towards the purchase of a vehicle from Carvana or sell their car to Carvana.

“This idea of ‘complete car care’ has been a long-term goal for a while, and started coming together with Safelite earlier this year,” Spiffy chief executive officer Scot Wingo said in a news release.

“What excites us most about these partnerships is how the combined value elevates the experience of every Spiffy customer,” Wingo said. “Instead of just getting a car wash or oil change, we’re aiming to simplify every step of car ownership, from insurance coverage and warranties to lifetime maintenance and trade-in valuation.”

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