Spiffy site features EPA-approved disinfection products


Get Spiffy Inc. has launched an e-commerce website for vehicle disinfection products, and the site features products that are hospital-grade and COVID-19 effective.

The site, called the Spiffy Disinfection Store, features products that are also safe for frequent use on the interior and exterior of vehicles, said Scott Wingo, who is chief executive officer for Get Spiffy, an on-demand car care, technology and services company.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Spiffy has provided mobile vehicle disinfection services and at the request of its clients, has also branched out into facilities disinfection.

Fellow car wash industry members, along with ridesharing and carsharing companies, came to Spiffy looking for chemicals they could use in their businesses. That sparked the idea for the Spiffy Disinfection Store.

While simultaneously developing the store, Spiffy fulfilled those requests to help keep drivers and passengers safe.

Several EPA-approved disinfection products with varied dispersal methods are available for shoppers, and they can follow Spiffy’s 40-point vehicle disinfection checklist for professional-level daily results.

Personal protection equipment packs and infrared thermometers are also available for order, along with Spiffy Blue, an on-board diagnostics device that the company describes as being similar to “a health monitor for your car.”

Wingo said delivery fleets, ridesharing and carsharing companies, and other clients have told his company that “over-the-counter wipes are not cutting it.”

“They’re hard to find and can damage sensitive surfaces like dashboards and upholstery,” Wingo said in a news release.

Wingo said that because many common household products are still unavailable across the country, car owners have had difficulty in properly disinfecting their vehicles.

“By launching our Disinfection Store, we’re able to provide everyone from ridesharing drivers to DIY car enthusiasts with the highest-quality professional chemicals to destroy COVID-19 and other pathogens,” Wingo said.

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