RISC unveils 2 new state-specific collateral recovery certification courses

TAMPA, Fla. – 

Soon after deciding to waive membership and education fees for current and any new RISC Pro members through July 1, RISC launched two additional, state-specific collateral recovery training courses as part of its growing CARS National Certification Program.

The compliance services company highlighted the courses are focused on Texas and Rhode Island and arrived through its alliance with Hudson Cook.

RISC pointed out Texas is a large market for collateral recovery and has very specific state guidelines.

“It’s important that recovery agencies in Texas and Rhode Island have the detailed knowledge of what can affect their day-to-day operations and keep them safe,” RISC president Holly Balogh said in a news release. 

RISC indicated the CARS certification is accepted by all domestic lending institutions and is completed by more than 4,000 people annually. The courses are available on RISC’s Education Platform for purchase at https://www.riscus.com/Education/EcomCars

RISC Pro members are able to take any education program available for their small monthly membership fee including these new state-specific courses.

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