RISC offers another month of free education and RISC Pro Membership

TAMPA, Fla. – 

RISC said it understands the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep the collateral recovery industry from getting back to any kind of normalcy.

In light of the challenges that repossession agencies are going through, RISC recently decided to extend its fee waiver for RISC Pro Membership, including CARS Certification Training for the fourth straight month.

The company said in a news release that billing will be on hold until Aug. 1. RISC believes the fee waiver will help current members save on monthly expenses as well as allow new members to sign-up to take advantage of free education.

“We have seen a 40% increase in membership over the last three months. This is a great sign that we are helping agencies during this hard time get the value of membership without any expense,” RISC chief executive officer Stamatis Ferarolis said.

“We will continue to monitor how markets are doing and consider additional waivers if the financial strain continues,” Ferarolis added.

RISC Pro is a membership for agents that have set their company’s compliance status as a high priority for managing their business.

In addition, RISC Pro gives its members unlimited access to all of RISC’s CARS training programs, Driver Safety Training, business templates, worksheets and more.

Learn more about RISC Pro at https://www.riscus.com/AgentServices/riscpromembership.

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