Rapid Recon rolls out OEM MSRP window stickers

Rapid Recon is looking to help dealers showcase the high-value features of vehicles currently in their inventory via its latest tool.

On Monday, the originator of reconditioning time-to-line software for dealerships announced the immediate availability of OEM MSRP window stickers powered by iPacket for Rapid Recon users through its Recon Connect interface with dealers’ inventory tools.

By partnering with iPacket, Rapid Recon said it can bring dealers OEM window sticker/vehicle build sheet automation that integrates with most every vehicle manufacturer to autoload unedited, original window stickers or OEM build sheets for your dealership’s vehicles.

Rapid Recon explained data integrity is the overall accuracy, completeness and consistency of vehicle data. Rapid Recon’s authentic OEM MSRP solution powered by iPacket can manage more than 30 OEM sticker automations and more than 10 million OEM MSRP documents, “which come with enormous responsibility.”

Rapid Recon said, “Misrepresenting a vehicle with ‘dirty data’ can be costly to trade appraisals, pricing, and potential legal recourse.”

The company continued, “iPacket only provides MSRP data directly from automotive OEM integrations and never purchases MSRP/ original window sticker data from third-party data providers.

“Dealers should never take a third party’s word that a vehicle’s original window sticker/build sheet data is accurate without verifying for themselves,” Rapid Recon went on to say .

For more details, Rapid Recon users can contact their performance manager or take a demo via https://www.rapidrecon.com/schedule-a-demo/.

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