Platform aims to help dealers further improve people skills amid pandemic


Quantum5 is a social advocacy platform that seeks to digitally transform automotive buying by shifting to a “lifetime value model” instead of the transactional model of the past.

The company uses a “social advocacy learning platform” of dealership training on people skills and behavioral tactics that it says is necessary to succeed in the digital world of today.

On Wednesday, the company released its community-building platform, called Quantum5, and said it seeks to teach those skills to help fill the void left when on-the-lot car buying went digital during the COVID pandemic.

Quantum5 president and co-founder David O’Brien said his company has heard from dealerships that building relationships has become difficult at a time when most transactions now take place over the phone and e-mail.

In a news release, O’Brien said, “Dealers are coming to us saying, ‘How do service advisors set up the 30k when the vehicle is now delivered and all their selling is done without seeing the customer?’”

Quantum5 said it develops necessary people skills and behavioral tactics to boost a dealership’s overall performance results.

The training takes place through in-person classes or virtual sessions, and after the initial training process, AI-driven analysis uses personalized delivery skills training in continuing to support and improve performance results. Community managers who know automotive are available to lead and support the team.

“Quantum5 takes artificial intelligence and uses it to drive individual motivations, real performance results and healthy competition for sales and service teams,” Quantum5 co-founder and chief operating officer Ken Herfurth said.

Herfurth continued, “Imagine building a community where your top sales performers go head to head in training to win big prizes. It’s a win-win situation. Your employees are enjoying the training, your customers are benefitting from the best-in-class skills taught, and your store is building lifetime value and profits.”

More information is available on how Quantum5 help digitally transform sales and service teams through training.

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