Perry now president & CEO of Denver-based software and dealer-services company


The next chapter in Chip Perry’s professional career officially began last Friday; this time with another start-up.

The executive who previously has served as a leader with The Los Angeles Times, Autotrader and TrueCar became president and chief executive officer of A2Z Sync, a software and dealer-services company that says it can enable dealers to modernize and transform the vehicle-buying experience by re-organizing their stores around a single point of contact (SPOC) sales

A2Z Sync was founded in 2017 by Aaron Wallace, the owner of the Schomp Automotive Group based in Denver. Wallace set out to revolutionize the retail environment by creating a highly customer-centric purchasing experience that enabled his dealerships to stand out from the competition, gain market share and increase profitability.

In 2018, Morrie’s Auto Group was the first non-Schomp dealer to adopt the A2Z platform. Today, A2Z serves 25 dealerships.

To date, the company said more than 250,000 vehicle-sale transactions have been processed through the A2Z platform.

And now the company is being led by Perry, who departed his most recent post with TrueCar last June.

“I joined A2Z Sync because I’m a big believer in its mission to help dealers fundamentally transform how they sell cars, by having a single salesperson handle the entire transaction from start to finish without the usual back and forth and waiting for F&I,” Perry said in a news release.

“By using A2Z Sync’s highly automated software platform to deliver a superior customer experience, dealers are selling cars much faster, often in under one hour, while also enhancing the jobs of salespeople, reducing operating expenses, and increasing F&I income. I’m excited to help bring this breakthrough technology to dealers all across America,” he continued..

Perry went on to say, “Because new cars are largely viewed as commodities, the only way dealers can truly differentiate themselves, other than through location and inventory size, is by providing a better customer experience. While a differentiated experience is the ‘Holy Grail’ that many dealers have aspired to, few have been able to deliver it. A2Z helps dealers win by delivering the highly convenient and transparent experience customers have come to expect from other product categories.”

Perry was the first employee at, in 1997 and served as founding CEO for 16 years. Earlier in his career, as a vice president of The Los Angeles Times, he led the team that launched one of the first online newspapers in 1993.

“I’m very excited to welcome Chip Perry as the new president and CEO of A2Z Sync. He has unparalleled experience as a digital-automotive visionary and a stellar reputation as a hands-on leader who inspires both employees and dealers to high levels of performance,” Wallace said

“Perry will help us rapidly scale A2Z Sync and enable dealers to dramatically improve customer satisfaction, sales staff retention, and dealership profitability,” Wallace went on to say.

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