Part II of CMG whitepaper series on digital car buying & selling now available

CARY, N.C.  – 

And now we turn to digital retail. 

After launching the series earlier this month, Cherokee Media Group has released Part II of a whitepaper series on “A New Age of Digital Buying & Selling” to share trends and best practices for a used-car industry that’s increasingly digital — and even more so in recent weeks.

Part II focuses on the digital retail automotive environment and includes insights from eLENDING Solutions, The Appraisal Lane, Autotrader, TransUnion, AutoGravity and Autolist.

Part I focused on the wholesale used-car business and includes insights from such key players as KAR Global, Cox Automotive, the Independent Auction Group, TPC Management Co., Auction Edge, EBlock, ACV Auctions, McConkey Auction Group and SmartAuction.

Parts I and II are available here:

Normal pricing is $299 to $399, but due to current circumstances, the price per paper is being reduced to $99. 

“Like so many of you, I’ve been working from home and following the ever-changing story that is unfolding during the spring of 2020,” said Cherokee Media Group president Bill Zadeits. “As a company, we asked ourselves the following question: What can we do that would be helpful for our audiences, our customers and our business?

“The answer came to us in the form of special research reports — whitepapers — that are focused on key digital areas within the wholesale and retail used-car markets,” Zadeits said. “The research and content are drawn from various sources and partners within our media properties — print, digital, podcasts, live events, webinars and more, and compiled all in one place.

“We hope you’ll find these white papers helpful, easy to digest and encouraging in the process of planning what’s next for your business.”

Stay tuned to more from Cherokee Media Group publications for more on these whitepapers, as we explore other areas of the used-car market. 

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