Parasoft to drive AUTOSAR C++ compliance for Renovo

MONROVIA, Calif. – 

Global automotive software and data company Renovo has chosen Parasoft’s C/C++test and its Automotive Compliance Pack to aid the safe development, deployment nand operation of ADAS fleets at scale.

Renovo chief technology officer Jason Stinson said Renovo was “an innovator in advanced data infrastructure.”

“Renovo will utilize Parasoft C/C++test to achieve vital safety and quality goals for their data management platform used for ADAS unified solutions to ensure automotive software safety and security compliance,” Stinson said in a news release.

Stinson continued, “Parasoft leads the software testing tools industry with the best support for AUTOSAR, CERT, CWE, ISO 26262, and MISRA. Parasoft’s solution offers support for these rules in ready-to-use test configurations with dedicated compliance reporting, which automatically generates the required documentation and significantly reduces the manual overhead of compliance activities, enabling automotive teams to achieve compliance faster and at a lower cost.”

Renovo, with Parasoft’s offering, can reduce time to market by achieving compliance through detecting bad coding practices, vulnerabilities, potential intrusions, and memory problems early in the software development lifecycle.

“Renovo is leading and enabling the future of ADAS at scale through its innovative and impressive technology platforms,” said Parasoft director of embedded sales David Hauck.

Hauck continued, “Parasoft shares Renovo’s passion in creating best-in-class offerings. We’re excited to be a collaborative partner in this mission to bring about safe, secure, and reliable software to the automotive industry during this revolutionary transition to driverless vehicles.”

With Parasoft C/C++test, Renovo and its customers can develop software that is safe, secure, reliable and deployed to operate autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems.

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