Newest ABCoA tool built specifically for BHPH

Advanced Business Computers of America (ABCoA) recently rolled out its latest software solution for dealerships and subprime auto finance companies.

ABCoA added a proprietary funding portal to its ecosystem within cyclCRM, a customer relationship management solution built specifically for the buy-here, pay-here industry.

The company said this portal called Capsa also is completely integrated (bi-directional) with both the dealer management software and loan management software.

ABCoA explained the Capsa funding portal can provide preapprovals and instant funding for point of sale, seasoned, or portfolio purchases, floorplans and consumer loans.

For sellers (dealers), cyclCRM takes the consumer’s credit app, or complete deal information from the integrated DMS, and broadcasts it to buyers (lenders) using the Capsa funding portal. There, the seller can view multiple buyers’ terms in one place. Conversely, the buyer can view deals from sellers that meet its lending criteria, and can accept the deal, modify terms, or reject the deal entirely.

The company said cyclCRM’s loan origination tools can automate preapproval, acceptance, or rejection based on dynamic scoring models and integrations, enabling lenders to fund deals in real-time. When a deal is accepted, cyclCRM securely can transfer all information, including electronic documents and stips stored in the digital document vault from the seller’s DMS to the buyer’s LMS.

ABCoA said in a news release that it “listened to customers’ needs and extended its benefits to dealers and lenders,” as cyclCRM, along with ABCoA’s flagship DMS Deal Pack, are all designed to create a completely automated experience for dealers, finance companies and consumers — from lead origination (automated credit app, scoring, decision making, messaging, campaigns and workflows) to desking, e-signing, instant funding and servicing.

“By minimizing human touch and third-party exports, Deal Pack and cyclCRM not only increase security and reduce legal risks related to consumer data, but also ensure business is conducted in an expedient and compliant manner,” ABCoA said before adding, “cyclCRM works as one with the DMS and LMS to enhance operations and eliminate friction in the customer experience, providing users incredible performance improvements from smart automation across the board.”

ABCoA software architect Tomasz Jablonski reiterated that the collaboration between Deal Pack and cyclCRM can provide the subprime industry a complete end-to-end software ecosystem that can improve profits and processing time with fewer staff.

“By building an integrated ecosystem with next-generation technology, we have created superior customer experiences and enabled far greater operational efficiencies and profitability for used car dealers and lenders,” Jablonski said.

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