New PassTime partnership with Sky Monitor GPS Americas opens path into new markets


Just like many of the companies it serves, PassTime is diversifying its portfolio.

On Thursday, the provider of asset tracking solutions announced it has formed a partnership with Sky Monitor GPS Americas and managing director Mike Southerland.

As a market partner, Sky Monitor GPS will bring PassTime asset tracking solutions to a variety of new segments, including RV, powersports, construction, medical devices and others, further expanding the company’s footprint.

PassTime’s suite of asset tracking solutions is customized to fit unique business needs across automotive and powersports industries, from franchised and independent dealers to auto finance companies and vehicle fleets.

The company reiterated that IoT (Internet of Things) solutions connect vehicle assets to provide important data to customers to streamline operations and aid in making critical business decisions, such as helping recover lost or stolen assets.

Sky Monitor GPS plans to extend PassTime’s solution, Encore, into previously untapped areas because of its inclusion of Polte’s cloud-based cellular location technology.

Since its introduction in 2019 and second generation in 2020, the battery-powered asset tracking solution, PassTime highlighted that Encore has been widely adopted for its technology, performance, and battery life in a small size demanded by the asset protection industry.

Because Encore is completely self-powered, PassTime pointed out that it can be used in a wide variety of applications, which gives Sky Monitor GPS the opportunity to expand into new markets.

“We are thrilled to have Sky Monitor GPS aboard and helping us reach markets with Encore that we haven’t explored before,” PassTime president and chief operating officer Chris Macheca said.

“We know it is a great solution with endless potential applications, and we know Sky Monitor GPS can help us reach these new segments and new customers,” Macheca added.

Through the partnership, Sky Monitor GPS will be able to serve new markets with Encore and PassTime’s new “Beyond GPS” service, which utilizes dual location technologies.

In addition to GPS, PassTime reiterated that Encore is powered by Polte technology, meaning it is able to provide positioning both outdoors and indoors in cases which GPS location information is unavailable.

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