New Netsertive leaders to help clients ‘deploy localized digital advertising’


Digital advertising platform Netsertive has named a chief financial officer and a chief revenue officer, stating the two positions will support the company’s next phase of growth.

The new leaders are CFO Sean Witty and CRO Peter Durand, and they will also support Netsertive’s “go-to-market plans to help clients deploy localized digital advertising at scale,” according to the company.

Witty and Durand bring more than four decades of combined executive experience to their new roles at Netsertive, which says more than 1,500 retailers, franchises, auto dealers, hospital systems and media companies use its technology.

Witty’s background is in corporate finance, operations, strategic planning, and acquisitions, and Netsertive says Witty appreciates Netsertive’s “unique position to change the way brands advertise locally.”

His more than 20 years of leadership experience includes work for companies with a handful of employees and also Fortune 500 enterprises. His most recent position was CFO for a PE-backed pharmacy benefit management company, servicing hospices and institutional pharmacies nationwide.

Netsertive said Witty has bought, run and sold his own company. His experience includes work for industries such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and private investing.

Witty said he was joining Netsertive at an exciting time.

“Netsertive is leading the transformation of the way brands and their agencies advertise locally, and I’m delighted to be a part of it,” Witty said in a news release.

As for Durand, he was the company’s vice president of business development, and now as Netsertive’s chief revenue officer, he will oversee revenue operations. That includes the sales, account management, and client services organizations.

Netsertive describes Durand as “an accomplished entrepreneur and executive,” stating that he has built several companies using his early experience at corporations such as GE, Eaton and Kimberly-Clark.

“He brings a strong understanding of the digital landscape to help clients achieve a clear return on advertising spend at the local level,” Netsertive wrote.

“Since arriving at Netsertive, I have been impressed with our platform but, more importantly, our people,” Durand said. “It’s exciting to work with a talented group of digital marketers who are passionate about our customers and performance.”

Netsertive chief executive officer Steve Leonard said the company was excited for Witty to join the leadership team and for Durand to expand his role in the company, stating that the current time is “a pivotal moment for us.”

More people than ever are conducting research on local services and products online, he added.

“Netsertive is well-positioned to help clients navigate this changing face of consumer shopping behavior, and both Pete and Sean are extremely talented executives who will help usher in the next chapter of growth for the company,” Leonard said.

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