MBSi, Resolvion put integration plan in motion


MBSi Corp. and Resolvion are making sure their firms are fully prepared when finance companies begin to start repossession and recovery activities again in full force.

The companies announced on Wednesday that they reached an agreement to complete full integration of Resolvion’s Wombat system with MBSi’s new RecoveryConnect platform. 

Both firms have been in transition during the past year.

Resolvion completed a merger with Del Mar and in doing so created one of the largest repossession/skip management companies in the country. MBSi, which acquired MyRecoverySystem (MRS) and Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS) in 2019, has been working to merge legacy systems to create the new RecoveryConnect, a comprehensive back-office platform with mapping and post-recovery scheduling capabilities. 

Executives explained the Wombat-RecoveryConnect integration will provide agents the ability to receive and work all Resolvion repossession assignments in RecoveryConnect without the need to log in to Wombat.

“This integration is a win-win for all involved,” MBSi president Cort DeHart said. “For agents, it further reduces the number of systems they access, while improving compliance and efficiency.

“For Resolvion, it helps consolidate recent acquisitions into Wombat, as well as expand their commitment to mobile technology and the real-time benefits it brings,” DeHart continued. “For MBSi, it further enhances the service and compliance offerings to our lender, forwarder and agent partners.”

Resolvion chief executive officer Michael Levison added, “While we have been integrated on the lender side with MBSi for many years, this expansion will ensure our ability to seamlessly support both our lender clients and our agent partners regardless of the platform that they choose.”

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