Manheim aims for faster, easier, vehicle checkout process


Noting that many vehicles are no longer picked up from a physical site, Manheim says its newly created Manheim Vehicle Release process gives buyers and sellers anytime access to the tools they need to release and pick up vehicles.

And they have that access whether the vehicle has passed through a Manheim gate or not.

The company said that with the new Manheim Vehicle Release process, formerly known as “Gate Pass,” the process of checking out a vehicle bought or sold through Manheim just became easier.

Manheim announced the change while also noting that it surpassed 2.5 million vehicles sold to a digital buyer so far this year. The company also said 80% of its transactions from January through September have been to buyers in a digital channel.  Also, when compared year over year, sales through the Manheim Digital Marketplace were more than 150% higher in September.

Nearly 30% of buyers on Manheim’s Simulcast platform are using it for the first time.

That, according to Manheim, illustrates that more dealers are turning to digital wholesale to buy cars.

With inventory being sold digitally from various locations, the Manheim Vehicle Release process will ease and speed up the process of vehicles changing hands. Whether the vehicle is on- or offsite, clients will now be able to manage their vehicle releases on

Previously, clients could only print their own onsite releases and needed team member assistance for offsite vehicles. But the change means clients can manage the process themselves 24/7.

That means vehicles can be released as soon as they are available, Manheim said. Clients no longer must wait for an email from a Manheim team member. The company said that speeds up and eases the process, regardless of the vehicle’s location.

Sellers will have online visibility to when vehicles can be released from the offsite location, and buyers will be able to see when those vehicles are ready for pickup, and that is all within’s Post-Sale Management section.

“As more and more vehicles are sold through the Manheim Digital Marketplace, but outside of our gates, we felt now was the right time to update this critical step in the wholesale process,” Manheim Digital Solutions senior vice president Zach Hallowell said in a news release. “By giving our buyers and sellers a way to self-serve Vehicle Release options for onsite and offsite vehicles, we’re giving them even more convenience, control and flexibility.”

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