LKQ launches enhanced remote & mobile services to boost repair efficiency


Here comes what might be some welcome help for independent dealerships with service departments, or franchised stores that have a vehicle come through their service drive that’s outside of their direct factory purview.

LKQ’s diagnostic services business — now branded Elitek Vehicle Services — is expanding its services beyond on-site mobile diagnostics and repair to also include remote automotive diagnostics and remote programming.

According to a news release, repair facilities can now call one company, Elitek, to service all their diagnostic service needs.

With the addition of remote diagnostics, Elitek can provide shops with a seamless, end-to-end process and value proposition, including:

— Remote diagnostics: Shop technicians can plug-in an OBDII device that remotely connects the vehicle to Elitek’s call center. The technician, with support from a centralized Elitek diagnostician, can conduct the diagnostic scans, produce a scan report, enable remote programming where applicable and invoice for the service.

— Mobile diagnostics: If additional onsite services are required, including ADAS calibration or mechanical, Elitek’s mobile service can be deployed to complete the repair, using an array of OEM software, tools, and certified technicians.

Increasing vehicle technology leads to more complex repairs, and the company highlighted Elitek is uniquely positioned to partner with the repair community to diagnose, repair and calibrate vehicle electronics, including ADAS systems.

LKQ said the combination of remote and mobile diagnostic services offerings puts Elitek a step ahead of the competition to serve customers better than ever with mechanical, AC service 1234YF, module programming, electrical repairs and an array of diagnostic services.

LKQ went on to mention that owning a full range of OEM diagnostic tools, and offering these numerous services to automotive repair facilities, can help improve a shop’s cycle times, reduce rental terms, and enhance the customer service experience — for both the repair shop and the vehicle owner.

“With the formation of Elitek, LKQ now provides the most comprehensive diagnostic services in the repair industry,” said Terry Fortner, LKQ’s North America vice president of sales and marketing.

“Elitek is the premier provider of both remote and mobile diagnostic services. This expanded offering allows us to be more responsive to our customers, including those outside of our current mobile servicing locations,” Fortner continued in the news release.

Don Smith, director of Elitek’s Remote Division, added, “Our goal is to continue to provide superior customer service. With the addition of remote services, we can be more responsive to a broader range of customers. And with LKQ’s promise of calibration, customers have the additional peace of mind in knowing that Elitek will stand behind the work performed.”

For more information on Elitek’s remote capabilities or to pre-order a remote scanning device, contact Smith at, visit or call 888-8-ELITEK.

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