JM&A Group launches new portal to streamline GAP claims


Processing total-loss claims triggering GAP coverage can be one of the most complicated tasks in F&I. JM&A Group is trying to reduce some of the stress connected with them.

In order to improve efficiency and fulfill payments in a more timely manner, JM&A Group recently introduced new GAP claims self-service portals serving both consumers and finance companies.

The company highlighted the enhanced portals provide a one-stop shop to file a claim, upload documentation and access real-time status updates.

“Last year alone, JM&A’s Customer Service team answered more than 2.1 million calls and paid out in excess of $525 million in total vehicle service, maintenance and GAP-related claims,” said Sandra Porceng, vice president of customer services at JM&A Group.

“Given our high level of output, we are continually finding ways to streamline our process and improve efficiencies,” Porceng continued in a news release. “We are confident these new self-service portals specifically designed for our GAP claims will do just that, providing support to vehicle owners filing a claim while helping us to strengthen relationships with our lenders.”

Beginning on Monday, JM&A Group indicated consumers and finance companies will use the self-service portals to upload all of their total loss information and documentation directly to JM&A.

In return, JM&A associates will be able to remain in contact, providing status updates on their claim and its payment.

Vehicle owners with a GAP claim can register for the consumer portal at to take advantage of these new enhancements.

Leading up to the launch, JM&A mentioned its GAP claims team has been in regular communication with its finance company partners to guide them through the transition, providing step-by-step registration information and virtual guidance as requested to promote early adoption and acclimation.

JM&A added that finance companies that have not registered for the new portal should visit this webpage for a short video overview and to fill out a brief form, providing basic information.

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