iRecon enhancements aim for more workflow transparency, efficiency


iRecon has revamped its reconditioning platform, with tool and capability enhancements for dealers including a Recon Dashboard.

With the Recon Dashboard, dealers can view the status of any vehicle and take action based on reconditioning metrics that can be tailored to a dealership’s unique workflow.

iRecon said its revamped reconditioning platform can help dealers gain transparency and eliminate bottlenecks that prevent inventory from reaching the front line.

The platform includes a new user interface, dealer-vendor mobile application and location tracking.

iRecon said it developed the enhanced platform through client feedback and market research. The company said it took dealer needs into consideration to improve the reconditioning workflow in today’s environment.

The company said time and cost efficiency are more important than ever as the auto retail industry adapts to a new way of working and shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.

iRecon said that is important to the reconditioning process. Dealers lose valuable sales opportunities every day a used vehicle sits in service or waits on a vendor for reconditioning. iRecon says its platform enables more informed and calculated decisions.

That, according to the company, “helps dealers spend the right money on the right vehicle for the right reason to take reconditioning from an expense to an advantage.”

In addition to the Recon Dashboard, the revamped iRecon platform features additional tool and capability enhancements for dealers, such as iRecon Mobile. Dealers using iRecon Mobile can communicate with reconditioning vendors in real time on the go through push, workflow and comment notifications from any iOS or Android device.

iRecon Mobile also introduces more transparency into the reconditioning process, which means dealers can send and receive photos and use VIN scanning to maintain efficiency.

Location tracking is another of the revamped iRecon platform’s tool and capability enhancements for dealers. That enhancement helps save time and uses GPS technology to pinpoint where physical vehicles are on the lot.

Recon templates are another enhancement, in which dealers can use two clicks to build custom plan templates for starting the reconditioning process.

With an additional enhancement, provision integration, dealers can use vAuto data throughout the reconditioning process to make more informed used-car decisions. Appraisal notes and reconditioning estimates automatically flow from Provision into iRecon, allowing dealers to gain early insight that can help improve each vehicle’s time to front line.

“Amid today’s uncertain economy, dealers may only have one shot to win a sale. Spending money wisely to better streamline reconditioning and get quality vehicles in front of customers faster will be vital to finding success and getting stores back to profitability,” iRecon senior director of business enablement and founder Mike Boyd said in a news release.

Boyd continued, “At iRecon, we are focused on providing dealers with the tools they need to help turn pennies into dollars by enhancing communications with vendors, boosting productivity and ensuring transparent time to front-line ready.”

“Greater visibility into the reconditioning workflow, costs and how long it will take to get a vehicle front-line ready is crucial to making sure every dollar counts right now,” said Jim Farkas, general manager, Germain Honda of Ann Arbor and MINI of Ann Arbor, Mich.

Farkas continued, “The refreshed iRecon platform makes communicating with internal team members and vendors simple and provides our team with the strategic insight and easy navigation necessary to ensure accountability and seamlessly track and complete reconditioning work.”

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