Impact Auto Auctions accelerates shift to digital


Impact Auto Auctions Ltd., the Canadian business unit of digital global marketplace IAA, said on Thursday it was shifting its online auction platform Impact AuctionNow to a “fully digital experience.”

IAA developed AuctionNow, which is an adaptive platform used in the Canadian and U.S. markets. IAA says it developed the platform “to allow product enhancement that is both proactive and responsive to their dynamic global market.”

IAA says its development of the proprietary AuctionNow platform gave the company full autonomy to “continuously enhance the global buyer experience,” making those enhancements based on customer suggestions and recommendations.

Impact managing director Blair Earle said AuctionNow’s foundation features adaptive technology.

“So shifting all Impact branch locations from a physical to digital experience was seamless,” Earle said in a news release. “Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and our business did not miss a beat.”

The company’s Customer Experience, or CX, discipline and Voice of Customer, or VOC, platform are used to gather, prioritize and build new product features and enhancements.

With the scalable technology, IAA can build and enhance features and functionality quickly, said IAA chief information officer Maju Abraham. That provides “an unmatched experience for our buyers,” Abraham said.

“Understanding the dynamic nature of our business means we develop technology platforms that can move at the speed of our industry,” Abraham said.

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