IAA completes technology enhancements in Canada, UK

ESSEX, England and MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – 

IAA reinforced its international operations in a pair of ways this week.

First, Impact Auto Auction, the Canadian business unit of IAA announced the availability of Impact 360 View, what the company described as an innovative imaging technology that can allow online vehicle buyers a 360-dgree viewing experience of a vehicle’s exterior and interior.

Then, IAA announced that its U.K.-based business unit has completed the roll-out of IAA Seller Portal and VISion salvage management, both customized for the U.K. market.

For Canadian dealers looking for salvage units, Impact Auto Auction highlighted that Impact 360 View can allow the buyer to rotate an image to provide an interactive visual — like physically walking around the vehicle — and follows the launch of the technology in the U.S. earlier this year.

The company indicated all Impact branch locations throughout Canada offer Impact 360 View, for vehicles 12 years old and newer, unique classics, high-end vehicles and exotics. The technology’s benefits include enhanced imagery, zoom and pan capabilities as well as additional views beyond 5MB HD providing internal and external insight on critical areas of the vehicle.

“We are very excited to enhance our best-in-class merchandising offering for our Canadian customers through the launch of Impact 360 View,” Impact managing director Blair Earle said in a news release.

“Impact 360 View offers an enriched vehicle research, bidding and buying experience for our buyers as well as a more accurate visual and improved asset merchandising environment for our vehicle sellers, driving additional bids and higher returns,” Earle continued.

Meanwhile, IAA recapped the benefits of IAA Seller Portal and VISion.

The company explained the new technology can provide sellers with real-time administration of their total loss vehicle portfolio and significantly reduces overall claim cycle time.

“IAA Seller Portal and VISion have completely streamlined the salvage vehicle management process here in the UK,” said Steve Hankins, U.K. managing director for IAA. “By automating and accelerating vehicle management activities and workflows, Seller Portal delivers improved service and streamlined claims workflow.”

IAA’s launch of Seller Portal was the first of a two-phased technology roll-out in the U.K. The new management system includes the following key features:

— Fully customizable dashboard

— Improved user interface designed from initial instruction to sale and payment

— New flexible vehicle asset search

— Dynamic data exchange and document upload

— Smart, intuitive reporting filters

— Enhanced market guide

In 2014 Seller Portal was initially launched in Canada and was well received by insurers, contributing significantly to IAA’s success and continued growth within the market. Functionality was further enhanced in 2018, and Seller Portal has now been fully optimized for the UK market.

“Upgrading the technology platform reflects IAA’s overall commitment to the U.K. market, customers and team,” the company said.

To learn more about Seller Portal, visit iaaiuk.co.uk.

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