GoMoto secures a US patent for its service kiosks

DAYTON, Ohio – 

GoMoto said this week it has recently completed the extensive process of securing a U.S. patent for its service kiosks.

And the company has been working hard to make its GoMoto Service Kiosk key retrieval system — which works to provide a safe, secure exchange of vehicle keys — more efficient and convenient for both dealers and customers. 

“Gone are the days of customers putting their keys in an envelope and slipping it through a slot in the door,” GoMoto founder Todd Marcelle said in a news release. “GoMoto kiosks are now capable of not only securely housing keys that have been dropped off, but returning the keys to the owner after the vehicle has been serviced, even if the dealership has closed for the day.”

The company explained that separating key drop-off and key retrieval within the same kiosk can allow dealerships to accommodate check-in, regardless of the number of keys waiting to be picked up by other customers.

The kiosks can also help streamline the process for customers bringing in their vehicles for service. How does this work? The tech used by the kiosk pairs with the vehicles’ owner with their keys, meaning there is no need for face-to-face interaction to occur to complete the transaction when the work is done. 

“Payment can be accepted, and retrieving the keys is as easy as scanning a QR code supplied by the service department,” GoMoto said

And GoMoto’s kiosks have already come a long way since being introduced. The company shared they were launched as a way for customers to check-in when they arrived to the dealership and have “expanded to a secure location to drop off keys allowing customers to be on their way.” 

The kiosks also tout new mobile check-in functionality and capabilities. 

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