Feature allows dealerships to create personalized videos for customers


Predictive analytics and marketing automation company automotiveMastermind has partnered with a video communication company to implement a video feature that Mastermind says will help dealership sales teams personalize their communications with consumers.

automotiveMastermind, part of IHS Markit, has partnered with Covideo to create a new product feature that helps dealerships connect with customers during coronavirus disruptions.

With Covideo, users can create personalized, one-to-one videos to send to customers through various platforms. Covideo also provides real-time notifications, engagement metrics and detailed reporting.

“Video Messenger,” which went live on Tuesday, is a Covideo-powered feature that will live directly within Mastermind’s automotive sales platform, Market EyeQ.

On the platform, dealerships already have access to all publicly available current and prospective customer data in their markets. Mastermind says that sending a personalized video from the same platform where dealerships can access all customer data will result in a smoother and more seamless workflow.

“Providing the best support possible to our dealership partners is always our number one priority at Mastermind, but with dealerships’ current hardships, we’re laser-focused on finding innovative solutions to help them drive sales,” Mastermind co-founder and chief executive officer Marco Schnabl said in a news release.

Schnabl continued, “Video Messenger will help dealership sales teams personalize their communications with consumers, providing immense value and a much-needed human connection. We appreciate the Covideo team for partnering with us to help dealerships support their communities during the coronavirus crisis and beyond.”

Dealer partners using the Video Messenger feature can have sales reps record personalized videos.

Those videos are sent directly through the Market EyeQ platform and delivered via email.

The recipient will receive a GIF in the email that links to the actual video hosted on an OEM-branded template.

“We’re confident our dealer partners who choose to use Video Messenger in Market EyeQ will see the benefit of how personalized messages will help build trust and loyalty with current and potential customers,” said Mastermind chief product officer Joe Kacala.

Kacala continued, “Since many dealerships have needed to close their showroom, a perfect use for Video Messenger is to send personalized videos to their customers, since car sales are largely relationship-based. This will really help dealers stand apart from their competitors during this time. We see immense potential for dealerships to use Video Messenger, and we encourage dealership sales team[s] to embrace video as a creative way to support customers now and once all showroom floors across the country are once again open for business.”

Covideo co-founder and chief executive officer Jason Price said businesses now more than ever should stay connected with their customers.

“And Covideo will provide that support to Mastermind’s dealership partners,” Price said.

Price continued, “Touchless doesn’t have to be human less. One of the best parts of Covideo is it’s very easy to use, so dealership sales teams don’t have to worry about spending a ton of time on training. Integrating videos into their communications process through Market EyeQ will give dealerships a leg up on competitors who aren’t focused on personalized communication now or in the future.”

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