Evolution by Dent Wizard system fights COVID-19, other viruses


Dent Wizard International has partnered with the maker of a vehicle disinfection and long-term antimicrobial surface and air protection system that the company says meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19.

Dent Wizard, a provider of automotive reconditioning services and vehicle protection products, said that through its partnership with PermaSafe Protective Coatings, dealerships and rental companies can purchase the product —The PermaSafe System — through Evolution by Dent Wizard. They can receive instructions and support on applying PermaSafe to a vehicle.

Upon delivery, PermaSafe can be offered on all new and used vehicles. It can also be sold to customers scheduled in service.

Dent Wizard describes the PermaSafe System as a two-step process that includes two patented and EPA-registered products: PermaSafe CLEAN and PermaSafe SHIELD. The company says PermaSafe CLEAN is an EPA-registered multi-purpose cleaner, heavy-duty odor eliminator, airborne odor eliminator, no-rinse, no-wipe mold and mildew eliminator, allergen eliminator, sanitizer and broad spectrum, hospital-grade, disinfectant.

Dent Wizard said PermaSafe CLEAN is one of the broadest spectrum antimicrobial products available.

The company said PermaSafe CLEAN is a strong “primer” for the second step, PermaSafe SHIELD.

Upon application, PermaSafe SHIELD creates an invisible shield that inhibits the growth of microorganisms, according to Dent Wizard.

PermaSafe SHIELD continuously helps prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, the company said.

But PermaSafe SHIELD, unlike conventional disinfectants and antimicrobials, does not kill germs by poisoning them with toxic chemicals. Instead, it does so through a patented “electro-mechanical process.” That allows it to last and remain anti-microbally effective “almost indefinitely,” Dent Wizard said.

The company explained how the system works. The patented active ingredient in PermaSafe SHIELD permanently bonds with the surfaces to which it is applied.

As the protective coating dries, millions of positively charged microscopic “spikes” form and extend from the surface.

The company said bacteria and other microbes are negatively charged. Because of that, they are electrostatically pulled onto the positively-charged spikes and destroyed, as the spikes rupture their cell walls and electrocute them.

The PermaSafe System provides protection upon application, and also eliminates odors and allergens.

In addition, it destroys and inhibits growth of mold, mildew and other microbes. The company said it also makes interior surfaces antimicrobial and is virtually “self-sanitizing.” It sanitizes HVAC systems and ductwork and continuously purifies passenger cabin air.

Dent Wizard said PermaSafe can last and remain antimicrobially effective for months or more. It also uses no harmful chemicals, according to the company.

To give customers peace of mind about their new purchase, rental, loaner or demo vehicle, PermaSafe-treated vehicles can be identified with clings, mirror hangers or other messaging.

Dent Wizard said dealers can also protect the customer waiting areas and play areas within their dealerships.

“We’re responding to our markets — dealerships, rental companies and their customers — quickly and effectively with a proven, EPA-registered solution that offers ongoing protection,” said Evolution Vehicle Protection division president Lindsey Bird said in a news release.

Bird continued, “It’s a timely solution for a top-of-mind concern.”

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