Elway Dealership Group, partner, purchase Porsche Salt Lake City

IRVINE, Calif. – 

A partnership between the Elway Dealership Group and Schomp Automotive Group has purchased Porsche Salt Lake City from Strong Automotive Group.

Hall of Fame football player, John Elway, and business partner Mitch Pierce founded Elway Dealership Group in 2004. The group has holdings in Colorado and California.

The Strong family in 1958 established Porsche Salt Lake City, which it says was one of the first Porsche dealerships the United States. Strong Automotive Group recently hired automotive dealership brokerage firm Performance Brokerage Services to represent the family and the company in the sale of Porsche Salt Lake City.

Schomp Automotive Group is a fourth-generation and family-owned business with dealerships in Colorado and Utah. The company’s dealer principal and chief executive officer, Aaron Wallace, who is a great-great grandson of the founder, said Porsche is a strong brand and that the dealership is also strong.

“We will continue to provide the same award-winning customer experience,” Wallace said in a news release.

Performance Brokerage Services said Porsche Salt Lake City is a top-25 performer, a seven-time Porsche Premier Dealer Award winner and one of only 17 Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur dealers.

Performance Brokerage Services said Elway Dealership Group and Schomp Automotive Group were “the natural fit to carry on the Strong family legacy.”

Pierce of Elway Dealership Group said his group has “shared some best practices” with the Schomp Automotive Group.

“And I’d say there’s been a mutual admiration,” Pierce said. “Both organizations are fairly progressive with an emphasis on doing what’s best for our customers and employees.”

John Mecham, the exclusive agent for the transaction and the Rocky Mountain partner for Performance Brokerage Services, said he was a new car dealer in Salt Lake City for many years and knows the Strong family well.

“I was honored when they asked me to help them in this life changing event,” Mecham said. “We managed to find the perfect buyers in the Elway and Schomp groups. We know they will take care of the current and future customers.”

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