Doppler offers dealers vetted, insured drivers to help with service, deliveries


Dealership personnel is likely doing a lot of driving nowadays. Picking up and returning vehicles from appointments in the service drive. Or delivering vehicles to potential buyers for test drives and possible purchase.

All of these activities stem from the coronavirus pandemic and stores trying to cater to customers wary of going to the dealership.

Doppler recently launched a dealership workforce service to help stores that might be stretched thin because of these actions with parameters in place aimed at quelling manager apprehension, including:

— A national network of thoroughly vetted, fully trained staff

— All staff fully covered for workers compensation and benefits

— Doppler assumes all liability, including full Centers for Disease Control compliance

— Customizable services and pricing to accommodate individual market and dealer needs

— Doppler’s full-stack technology solution from customer reservations to dispatch and logistics making it totally turnkey

“The industry is rapidly rebuilding with new services. Dealers have an urgent need for professionally staffed, low-cost solutions like Doppler that can deliver a better customer experience,” said auto industry executive, retailer and AVC Capital Group board member James Press.

When done well, Doppler said these services can help deliver increased fixed operations business from higher repair grosses to better service retention as well as higher sales grosses and an overall superior customer experience.

Doppler managing director Dean Braunstein said the company can provide an “unparalleled solution” because of its previous experience of bringing these service to automakers.

In a news release, Braunstein added, “Doppler for OEMs has been an enormous success. We have used all the experience gained to adapt the platform and staffing specifically for the unique requirements of dealers and their customers.”

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