Details about free access to AgoraInsights


Agora Data is trying to give buy-here, pay-here dealers every tool necessary to navigate through these challenging times.

On Monday, the firm released its newest BHPH dealer focused feature — AgoraInsights — which is designed to provide contract originators with what Agora Data contends is an “unprecedented and accurate” look into the value of their portfolios.

“Dealers will finally have easy access to technology that will assist them in making better lending decisions and increase the value of their portfolios,” Agora Data chief executive officer Steve Burke said in a news release.

Using robust, machine learning models tested through billions of dollars in non-prime loan transactions, AgoraInsights drill-down and comparison tools can provide dealers with resources to originate better, more valuable loans.

Best of all according to the company, Agora Data is offering this tool to its participating dealers at no cost.

Concurrent with the release of AgoraInsights, Agora Data also has created a different way that dealer portfolios can be bought and sold.

No longer will dealers have to sort through their loan inventory trying to decide which loans they want to sell. Instead, Agora Data explained an operator’s entire portfolio will be viewable (on an anonymous basis) to potential buyers who can make proposals on loans that interest them.

Now, just as auto buyers can select from a dealer’s entire inventory of vehicles, loan buyers can choose from the dealer’s entire loan inventory with the BHPH dealer sitting at the controls.

Agora Data pointed out that BHPH dealers have always relied on vehicle valuation guides when buying or selling their vehicle inventory.

“AgoraInsights empowers BHPH dealers with a valuation of their biggest asset—their loan portfolio,” Agora senior vice president of sales and marketing Chris Barry said. “There is no better time to empower dealers to optimize portfolio value or confidently negotiate liquidity.”

Signing up for AgoraInsights is free. Operators just have to go to and within minutes have access to data and analytics “never before available to the BHPH dealer,” according to Agora Data.

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