DealerSocket’s Inventory+ a participant in GM’s inventory management program


General Motors dealerships using DealerSocket’s Inventory+ inventory management software can now syndicate inventory to GM-participating website providers and programs. That includes the automaker’s Shop-Click-Drive e-commerce tool.

Auto industry SaaS provider DealerSocket said Monday that its Inventory+ software is now participating in General Motors’ Dealer Vehicle Inventory Management program, or DVIM.

DealerSocket said the DVIM program improves the consumer experience at GM-branded shopping sites. Brad Kokesh, general manager of DealerSocket’s Inventory+ line, said that with Inventory+ participating in the program, dealers can now use more digital retailing services “to meet customers where and how they want to shop.”

“With so much uncertainty in the current market, it’s critical for dealers to have access to more marketing channels while utilizing Inventory+ to identify and source true profit drivers,” Kokesh said in a news release.   

GM dealers using Inventory+ can automate processes and gain access to the latest vehicle costs, options, and suggested sales prices. A data-driven approach to inventory management means every lot unit has a chance to sell at a profit, DealerSocket said.

That establishes what the company describes as an “ideal inventory model” for every dealership.

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