Dealer Wizard, DealerPick partnership helps dealers secure trade-in inventory


DealerPeak, whose goal is to bring “joy back into the process” of buying and selling a car, is partnering with Dealer Wizard to help stores adapt to used-car inventory shortages. 

The new partnership is designed to help dealer groups share to-the-penny offers with customers to increase inventory and monthly service and sales revenue. 

“In today’s difficult environment where inventory is scarce, trade-ins are gold. Through this partnership, our clients can take advantage of enterprise-level mining tools to not only find those valuable trade-ins, but then communicate an offer that would be difficult for the customer to refuse,” DealerPeak partner Rick McLey said in a news release. “The result is an uplift in both inventory on the lot and sales across stores, while creating repeat, lifetime customers.”

Now, using DealerPeak integrated with Dealer Wizard, dealer groups can see across locations and create and distribute offers that are close or equal to the customer’s current payment.

This allows the dealer to either increase their trade-in inventory at a time when it’s sorely needed, as well as keep current customers coming back to the dealership while inventory levels stabilize.

Here’s how it works. A single sign-on for both DealerPeak and Dealer Wizard means the two solutions can communicate with a button click. DealerPeak can be used to see all customers who currently have equity in their vehicles across multiple locations. And then Dealer Wizard takes that information and creates digital offers and direct mail pieces to market directly to the customer, the companies shared. 

Lastly, any information obtained from the marketing campaign is then pushed back into DealerPeak’s CRM and logged for future reference.

“The DealerPeak and Dealer Wizard partnership brings together two sophisticated and proven retail software platforms, providing dealers with the ability to fully manage the customer life-cycle from one cohesive interface,” Dealer Wizard senior vice president of marketing services and business development Todd Stewarts said. “We view the current uncertainty in the automotive sector as an opportunity not to pull-in, but to go all-in by delivering a far greater impact for our clients through the strategic relationship.”

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