Dealer Profit Pros to host training with money-back guarantee


Dealer Profit Pros founder and president Kenny Atcheson understands two situations facing dealerships today. Operators likely have many questions about how they should steer their stores through the coronavirus pandemic, and they are watching expenses even closer than usual.

To help on both fronts, Atcheson is organizing a conference call aimed at addressing a half dozen pressing questions. And for Cherokee Media Group e-newsletter subscribers, he is also offering a $100 discount to participate.

“As you know, we are living in unprecedented times. Even if your business was able to stay open, companies that employ your customers may have closed, leaving you without a market to sell to. Or the uncertainty of potential customers able to make payments later has you concerned,” Atcheson said. “As a country we’ve experienced recessions and crises in the past, but this is a unique situation that requires unique solutions.”

During the call set for 11 am (ET) on July 28 and titled, “Present and Post Pandemic Blueprint: What to Do Now, Coming Out of the Pandemic and Afterward,” Atcheson plans to offer suggestions in response to questions such as:

• Should I turn advertising down, off, or ramp it up?

• What type of marketing is beneficial right now?

Kenny Atcheson

• How do I get the best bang for my buck since I have to be really efficient with money right now?

• How do I handle customers in such a unique climate?

• How do I inspire employees to get through the current crisis and work hard—maybe for less money?

• What type of communications should we send customers right now?

Special guest Jim Jackson, an expert on leadership and team motivation also will join the event. Jackson will unearth how to lead during tumultuous times like these and keep your team inspired.

“This event will not be an infomercial for a product or service for sale. This is an invitation-only paid event with a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If you are not thrilled with the event, you will gleefully receive your money back from us,” Atcheson said.

And as a free bonus, dealers who register also can get their Trust Factor Score (TFS). Atcheson explained business’ customized TFS will reveal areas where you can build more trust in an understandably untrusting world.

“Having the trust of potential customers speeds up the sales process, saves salespeople time and aggravation, makes the process more fun and profitable, leads to short-term and long-term advantages over your competition, and makes all your marketing more effective. Your score is determined based on 24 trust signals that include online and offline elements that affect your profitability,” he said.

To register or get more information, go to or call (702) 625-1818. This event will be a conference call, so participants can listen while at your desk, at home, or driving. (Use coupon code 100 to save $100).

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