Dealer Profit Pros shares guide for dealership staff working at home


For many dealership employees, working from home might be a bit unknown since so many regular activities happen at the showroom.

To help store managers and their employees during the coronavirus pandemic, Dealer Profit Pros founder and president Kenny Atcheson produced a free, downloadable tip sheet to help dealers who find themselves in the unusual position of having employees working from home.

“There are a number of factors and distractions that can take place when working from home instead of the dealership or office. Although the dealer may work remotely on occasion, their employees are not used to it,” Atcheson said.

“Rather than let you suffer through it, Dealer Profit Pros provided the following tip sheet to share with your employees that will help guide them through how to avoid common distractions and pitfalls of working from home,” he continued.

Some examples include:

• How to stay focused with so many interruptions (i.e. family, television, social media)

• How to prepare for work so you mentally feel like you are actually “at work.”

Go to this website to download the tip sheet.

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