helps dealers target connected TV users

BURLINGTON, Vt. – says video is reshaping the car buying journey. Sourcing Facebook and Youtube statistics from 2019, notes that 13 billion videos are viewed each day on Facebook and YouTube combined.

And those channels only encompass part of video consumption, according to

A new product from the company uses advanced targeting and Cox Automotive data to reach in-market shoppers watching connected television or over-the-top content providers across any device or network. The product is called Connected Video., which is a Cox Automotive brand, says its holistic advertising portfolio uses those “high-impact content providers” with first-party audience intelligence only available through Cox Automotive. Its advertising portfolio brings “optimal relevance” and transparent reporting across all devices and platforms, according to the company. says video consumption is at record levels.

But reaching the right shopper is no longer as simple as securing a cable TV spot, the company said. Consumers are tuning out of traditional TV and are diversifying where they watch.

Because of that, advertisers need to be able to precisely target in-market shoppers wherever they consume digital content. says its latest capabilities go beyond Facebook and YouTube.

That allows dealers to efficiently target consumers consuming content on connected TVs. Those are connected to the internet via SmartTVs or through devices such as Roku or Apple TV, and over-the-top, or OTT, content providers.

Connected TV brings unique targeting and reporting advantages, according to The company said Connected TV access complements current TV budgets during a time when consumers are migrating away from cable.

That process is called “cord-cutting.” Sourcing the Trade Desk 2020 TV Consumption Survey, notes that 74% of 18- to 34-year-olds have never subscribed to cable, already cut the cord or plan to do so.

“It’s not just about being on the right video platform, it’s about targeting the shopper, not the device,” vice president and general manager Wayne Pastore said in a news release.

Pastore continued, “Our audience-first approach delivers high-quality scalable video content to an audience that is up to five-times more likely to purchase. This turns views into sales opportunities regardless of where they are browsing — multi-channel capabilities are a significant competitive advantage.” said its holistic advertising portfolio includes various benefits, including what it describes as “smarter investments across every platform.” Capturing existing demand and driving new interest in inventory and services is beneficial.

Additional benefits include:

— Access to the most relevant shoppers. Campaigns use Cox Automotive business intelligence to target shoppers who have researched similar vehicles on Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader.

— A portfolio that adjusts to the user’s changing needs. Backed by digital marketing expertise and the proprietary Compass Advertising Intelligence engine, the user can build an advertising portfolio that can pivot when necessary and focus on the set strategy.

— Fraud protection. says partnerships with White Ops and the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) monitor and protect digital advertising investment from bots, artificial traffic, and ad fraud.

“We currently have a very successful and highly recognizable traditional video strategy in place across the six states of New England, going on five decades now,” said Subaru of New England director of digital operations Guy Mitrano.

Mitrano continued, “Via our partnership with, we can now elevate that strategy through their expansive video ecosystem and exclusive data integrations. This allows us to continue to take our consistent marketing messaging to digitally target local New England shoppers we know have a propensity to purchase a new vehicle to be sure it’s a Subaru at one of the 64 retailer locations.”

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