Cherokee Media Group to launch whitepaper series on digital buying & selling

CARY, N.C. – 

Even before the COVID-19 coronavirus became a pandemic and changed operational strategy in the auto industry, both the wholesale and retail segments of automotive were shifting towards increasingly digital futures that seemed poised to blend online and brick-and-mortar operations.

With that fact in mind, Cherokee Media Group has developed a two-part white paper series on “A New Age of Digital Buying & Selling” to provide the industry with a insights, best practices and more.

Part I will focus on wholesale. Part II will focus on retail.

Each whitepaper will be $99 and available in early April. Normal pricing is $299 to $399, but due to current circumstances, the price per paper is being reduced to $99. 

More details will be forthcoming through CMG media properties.

Below is a preview of each part. 

Preview of part I

The world of wholesale auto auctions is changing quickly, and like many industries, adapting to digital demands from its customers and deciphering how to balance brick-and-mortar with online buying and selling.

In this report, CMG examines how corporately owned auto auction chains and independents alike are shifting their strategy, the dealer-to-dealer digital auction space and how digital upstarts are now mainstays in the remarketing industry.

Preview of part II

New data shows dealerships now have a better understanding of what digital retailing really is. That milestone is crucial nowadays as dealers try to modify their sales and delivery processes more than ever, in light of the unprecedented circumstances that arrived this year.

The new exclusive white paper generated by Cherokee Media Group, “A New Age of Digital Buying & Selling: Retail,” not only examines that new data, but also shares valuable guidance from an array of leading industry experts about how to guide potential buyers through the auto retail sales funnel that perhaps has changed permanently.

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