Carleton celebrating 50 years of interest calculations, compliance


Carleton is in celebration mode.

In 2020, the company is marking its golden anniversary as a provider of compliant consumer lending origination computations and complimentary document generation solutions. Throughout the last half-century, Carleton’s products have enabled finance companies and lenders to compliantly close loans and installment contracts in the highly regulated industry of consumer finance.

Carleton’s role in the industry began when its original founder, Joseph Carleton Pitts, served on the advisory board responsible for crafting Appendix J contained in the 1969 Truth in Lending Act. Appendix J defined the annual percentage rate (APR) guidelines and disclosure requirements.

“This new regulation created an ideal platform for Carleton to produce payment charts that incorporated the APR for lenders nationwide,” the company said.

By 1975, Carleton was generating payment charts that included credit insurance products for virtually all the major finance companies and credit insurance companies in the United States. Since then the lending industry has relied on Carleton to provide payment calculations in compliance with more than 300 lending and credit insurance regulations at both the federal and state level.

Carleton emphasized that one of primary points of differentiation has been its commitment to providing federal and state compliance support “in real time” within its consumer lending solutions and consulting services.  

Carleton’s compliance group is led by Jeff Buysse, who has over 30 years of compliance expertise, and includes two full-time attorneys who monitor, evaluate and leverage their in-depth knowledge of consumer finance regulations.  

“We believe the many years of collective experience of Carleton’s management team in the consumer finance arena provides a high degree of ‘peace of mind’ for our clients,”, Carleton president and chief operating officer Matt Ruszkowski said in a news release. “Those clients can have absolute confidence that our compliance expertise and high-level support will assure their lending solutions will be accurate and remain in full compliance now and into the future.

“We take pride in our long tenure of service to the industry and we look forward to continuing to successfully meet and exceed our client’s lending needs for the next 50 years — and beyond,” Ruszkowski continued.

Carleton went on to mention that it has continued to adapt its loan quoting and origination calculation solutions leveraging the latest in technology and the lending environment. Today, many national lenders and major lending platforms in the automotive, banking, and credit union industry utilize Carleton’s current suite of products, including CarletonCalcs, CarletonDocs, CarletonAccess, and CarletonAudit for all types of consumer loans and leases offered in the United States and Canada.

In addition, Carleton is initiating the next half century of service with the introduction of its newest lending software solutions — Carleton CarCalcs and CarletonConnect.

Carleton CarCalcs consists of APIs tailored for performing automotive retail or lease calculations for multiple interest rates, terms, down payments in a single call. Carleton CarCalcs utilizes the popular CarletonCalcs platform to perform all required calculations needed for computing payments related to purchasing, financing, or leasing a vehicle.

In addition, Carleton CarCalcs can compute the following fees and taxes:

— State and local sales tax

— State Registration and Title fees

— State dealer fees (doc fees, tire fees, temporary plates, lemon law, electronic filing, acquisition, and many more)

CarletonConnect can adds greater versatility to CarletonDocs by supporting multiple third-party document providers and eSignature technologies that have partnered with Carleton.

As fintech partners continue their ROI-driven quest for efficiencies and reduced integration operating costs, the company stressed that CarletonConnect can provide an intriguing and cost-effective alternative to supporting a myriad of document and electronic signature integration points.

“Our proven compliant loan calculation and document generation expertise combined with our ability to change our lending solutions to adapt to the everchanging technology space is why we are celebrating our 50th anniversary,” Carleton chief executive officer Pat Ruszkowski said.

“It is very exciting for me to see the next generation of Carleton professionals continue to embody our core values in this exciting lending environment. We have never had stronger software solutions or experienced staff to serve our partners and clients,” Pat Ruszkowski went on to say.

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