Boost Acquisition adds recall data


Automotive recall services provider Recall Masters has started a partnership with Boost Acquisition, a data and technology developer that connects in-market vehicle sellers with potential buyers at online and franchisedtxffff dealerships.

By including recall data, Boost Acquisition can now check for-sale-by-owner vehicles for unrepaired recalls, reach out to their owners and schedule repair appointments with client dealerships.

Dealers work with the manufacturer for reimbursement, so recall repairs are at no cost to the vehicle owner.

Recall Masters chief executive officer Christopher Miller said franchise dealerships are searching for revenue while consumers are reluctant to spend.

“Boost Acquisition has a much-needed solution for both dealerships and vehicle owners,” Miller said in a news release.

Miller continued, “Millions of vehicles with dangerous recalls exchange hands every month, leaving unsuspecting vehicle shoppers in the dark, placing dealerships at risk for product liability lawsuits and forcing sellers to accept less-than-ideal vehicle valuation. Our partnership with Boost Acquisition closes that gap in knowledge.”

He added that Boost Acquisition connects vehicle owners with factory-authorized dealerships that can repair those vehicles at no cost to owners.

“We’re so proud to include Boost Acquisition among our impressive list of automotive industry clients who want to safeguard consumers from dangerous recalls,” Miller said.

Noting that shelter-in-place restrictions have resulted in a lower demand for used cars as of late, Recall Masters says that has required owners to address those recall repairs to receive a better selling price. Boost Acquisition says the integration of recall data means it can provide better service to dealerships and consumers.

“The data Recall Masters provides helps us get these vehicle owners into the dealership at a customer acquisition rate not available through other means,” said Boost Acquisition chief executive officer, Patrick Howell.

Howell continued, “Not only do dealerships see revenue from the factory for recall repairs, but the interaction with consumers is leading to additional service repairs and vehicle sales. It is not the original intent, but a pleasant byproduct of taking care of the customer during their moment of need. Our client dealerships are amazed at the results and the quality of the customer interactions.  More importantly, these experiences are exactly what consumers are desperately searching for.”

To more than 3,000 U.S. dealerships, Recall Masters provides recall services directly, and through strategic partnerships. The company said BMW of North America and Mazda North American Operations are contracted with Recall Masters to assist with increasing recall completion rates for select U.S. dealerships.

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