Black Book values integrated into new ReconVelocity product


Black Book has integrated its values into a new product from ReconVelocity that matches buyers to recon inventory “the minute it comes into inventory.”

ReconVelocity is an end-to-end recon management platform that recently introduced the new product, called ReconMatch.

The company said that with the addition of Black Book Values into ReconMatch, dealers can now determine the vehicle’s value and the margin they can sell the vehicle for instantly to “jumpstart their sales process.”

Black Book’s values are now available in ReconMatch nationwide.

Also with ReconMatch, dealerships can determine if a potential buyer is interested in a vehicle so that it can be given priority in the reconditioning process.

“Knowing a potential buyer is interested in a vehicle allows you to start setting a sales appointment before the reconditioning process is even complete,” ReconVelocity owner Hugh Hathcock said in a news release.

Hathcock continued, “ReconMatch not only does this, but it also scores and rates the leads so you can further prioritize vehicles and customers.”

“ReconMatch allows dealers to fuel their turn velocity,” said Black Book executive vice president, revenue, Jared Kalfus.

Kalfus continued, “Instantly determining the margin dealers can sell a car for allows them to sell more used cars faster and hold more gross. Quite simply, it’s about profit and turn times.”

Hathcock recently joined the Auto Remarketing Podcast. That episode can be found below.

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