Binary Automotive Solutions extends free marketing program for dealers

BEDFORD, Texas – 

Binary Automotive Solutions, which provides warranty, certification and maintenance programs that it says can help dealerships “sell more vehicles, hold more gross and retain more customers,” is extending its free marketing program for dealerships through May 31.

The company is also shipping hand sanitizer to its California-area dealership clients that are reopening.

With the free marketing offer until the end of May, Binary is following up on its free dealership marketing support in April to extend its aid programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At no cost through the marketing support campaign, Binary Auto can help dealerships with design support for marketing or advertising campaigns.

Binary says its program gives back to the automotive industry as many dealerships look to bring expenses in line with customer demand.

“Dealerships have been here to support us through more than two decades of business, and this is our way of returning the favor,” Binary Auto Solutions founder James Binkley said in a news release.

Binkley continued, “We are proud to help dealerships reopen in this way.”

The company said dealerships using Binary’s Lifetime Warranty Program as an additional customer benefit helps those dealers bring value to discerning customers, which Binary said is “an important distinction in today’s competitive landscape.”

Binary said it provides its dealership clients with marketing and merchandising items that help communicate the benefits of a warranty across the dealership, such as point-of-sale promotions, window stickers, banners and digital marketing content.

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