BiigVault designed to help dealerships offer contactless test drives, more


Oftentimes when realtors show a property, they know a combination to a lockbox that contains a key to enter the dwelling or office to show their clients the premise.

Biig has developed technology for a similar scenario. But in this case, it’s to help dealerships facilitate contactless test drives and deliveries.

The company explained what it’s calling the BiigVault is smart lockbox technology that can provide remote access to vehicles, enabling contactless delivery and automotive services among consumers, businesses and service providers. With the after-effects of COVID-19 certainly changing consumer behavior, Biig believes consumers will prefer less contact with other people to reduce the risk of virus’ spread.

The company sees that the BiigVault not only could propel Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) that immediately unlocks several opportunities for OEMs, dealerships and businesses to serve customers in ways that have never been done before, but it will also provide a unique and timely solution to the emerging contactless economy.

With the BiigVault, the company explained pre-approved customers will have the ability to simply go to a dealership’s lot, get an access code to the BiigVault’s smart lockbox and take the vehicle for a test drive without having to interact with a store representative. Removing the sales’ agent from the car buying and rental experience not only improves customer experience, but also enables car dealerships to adhere to the CDC guidelines of social distancing, limiting exposure for the safety of employees and car buyers.

With data on driving history, activities, time-stamped location and access logs provided by the BiigVault, the company insisted security is maximized allowing for alternative shopping models and vehicle-sharing businesses to rapidly grow in a post-COVID-19 world.

“As the stay-at-home order is gradually being lifted, car dealerships and other businesses need to build consumer confidence. It won’t be enough for carmakers to blast advertisements and incentives,” Biig co-founder and chief executive officer Charlene Consolacion said in a news release. “Dealers, carmakers and other automotive companies that will prioritize consumer confidence will earn the trust, loyalty and business of post-pandemic consumers.

“This is the time to rethink and reboot our industry and look from the lens of people and the new reality,” Consolacion added.

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