AutoIMS, team up to help with accountability in transport process

Transporting a vehicle can have a lot of moving parts and, well, logistics involved.

And new partnership aims to help improve the chain of custody, communications and transparency in that process of moving vehicles. has created a new app called “TransportCR” that’s connected to AutoIMS. The tool aims to better capture the transportation inspection by giving the user the ability to take photos and catalogue damage at the time the vehicle is picked up or dropped off.

The app uses geo-tagging, date and time stamps and user-specific authentication.

It aims to give auctions, consignors and dealers a way to ensure accountability all-around when working with independent transporters, should any damage occur.

The TransportCR app’s inspections automatically populate on, giving the user an easy way to compare the inspection to the auction condition report.

AutoIMS membership is not required to use TransportCR.

“The beginning of this idea came from our friend, Joe LeMonds, while he was with Carolina Auto Auction,” Joe Miller of AutoIMS said in a news release. “Fast forward many months, and thanks to a very patient team at, we are eager to see the value this new tool will now deliver to the industry.”

Greensboro Auto Auction is the first to adopt TransportCR. In the release, general manager Jerry Barker said: “We were in the right place at the right time to test this, and are now excited to partner with both AutoIMS and as this new app helps us close a number of gaps with our transporters.”

Added chief executive officer Brian Schear: “This app is a potent antidote for an issue that affects so many remarketers. We were uniquely positioned to understand and balance the needs and capabilities of the transporter community with those of the auction and consignor world.

“The Greensboro input paired with AutoIMS support has helped turn this into a robust, easy-to-adopt, value-adding tool,” he added.

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