Auto Fin Con, Repo Con kick off Used Car Week

CARY, N.C. – 

To get a sense of how this year’s all-digital Used Car Week will begin, picture a sandwich. 

If Thanksgiving week is the leftover turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, then the weeks of Auto Fin Con and Repo Con are the slices of bread bookending those feast-filled days.

Before the holiday season kicks off, we’re bringing you Auto Fin Con, which will run concurrently with the National Auto Finance Association’s Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference this year, from Nov. 16-20.

And once we’ve had our post-Turkey Day naps and fill of football and feasting, Repo Con (Dec. 2-4) begins the Wednesday of the following week, running through that Friday.

For a taste of what’s in store at these conferences, here’s a preview – an “appetizer,” if you will – of the speaker lineup for each:

Auto Fin Con:
Paul Gillespie, Senior VP, GM Financial
Cyrus Bozorgi, CEO, Veros Credit
Ian Anderson, Group President, Westlake Financial Services Holdings
Amy Martin, Senior Director- Structured Finance, S&P Global
Patrick Manzi, Chief Economist, National Automotive Dealers Association
Jack Tracey, executive director National Auto Finance Association

Repo Con:
Jeffrey Marsh, Chief Managing Officer and Executive VP, Millennium Capital and Recovery Corporation
Chris McGinness, CEO, Primeritus
Jose Mendiola, President, Resolvion
Jessie Herdrich Irwin, VP Compliance & Operations, PAR North America
Joel Kennedy, Director Business Development, Nortridge Software
Chuck Blommaert, VP Servicing, Flagship Credit Acceptance
Mike Kreider, Director Servicing, Automotive Credit Corp.

Go to for full agenda details and to register.

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