Auction Academy session features facility tours, instruction

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – 

Auction Academy’s current 2-year class group, Class 6, met Feb. 27 to 29 for the fourth of eight training and education sessions.

Auction Academy is a career-continuing education program from TPC Management Co. for auto auction industry professionals.

The 6tth class group launched last May in Birmingham, Ala. Tom and Cathy Adams hosted the group for dinner and an opening session headed by Chuck Redden of AutoTec.

The group toured ADESA Birmingham and America’s Birmingham Auto Auction the following day. ADESA GM Ed Burton and America’s GM Russ Sapp provided tours of their facilities along with a Q&A session.

The group later visited Auction Insurance Agency/AutoTec Group headquarters. Presentations and discussions took place with John McElrath and Jamye Carpenter of AutoCheck Auctions, Ben Puckett and Brandon Walton of Auction Insurance Agency, Charlie Adams of AuctionACCESS, and Michael Rohdy and Mike Roy of commercial insurance carrier Arthur Gallagher. 

Classroom curriculum the following morning included presentations from Auction Edge, Liquid Motors, OVE and AutoIMS.

“Session four included two incredibly structured days of auction tours, industry leader introductions and advanced trainings,” Auction Academy president Penny Wanna said in a news release.

Wanna continued, “Auction Academy provides an unparalleled educational experience covering a variety of aspects of the auto auction process, and our students consistently step up to the opportunities to learn from some of our industry’s most respected leaders. We particularly want to thank everyone at AutoTec, ADESA Birmingham and America’s Birmingham Auto Auction for their time and expertise shared with our Class 6 Group.”

Wanna also said that during the Auction Academy session, all students and Auction Academy staff were 100% Safe T. Sam certified or recertified. Rohdy and Roy presented Safe T. Sam certificates and Auction Academy safety vests to each group member.

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Auction Academy has developed two curriculums. The first is the original two-year program that provides training and development for auto auction professionals, and the second curriculum is the newer seminar series of one-day sessions focused on a specific topic or functional area.

Auction Academy’s programs draw faculty from practitioners around the country and are designed to enhance skill sets, promote best practices and yield better auction performance. Site visits, field trips and work with industry experts in all areas of auction operations are part of the curriculum.

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