We Are The Key Source

Always learning. Constantly evolving.

Servicing an industry which encompasses dozens of national automotive brand’s security protocols is a big job for any size locksmith company. With the core background of the staff being from the automotive repossession industry, we were trained to work fast while keeping up-to-date with each automaker’s best practices and techniques – a difficult but achievable task accomplished by our staff and witnessed by our clients on a daily basis.

Let’s be realistic – when someone needs a key, they generally need it 10 minutes ago. We thrive in chaotic atmospheres, bringing a calm sense of knowledge to any situation. We can provide a key for one car; or keys for an entire auction. Our work is always consistently completed to satisfaction with our customers always know that they are appreciated.

You are the priority. Our goal is to learn and grow with all of our clients. We have a large inventory to ensure we stock common makes and models so that keys can be completed on the spot. Additional inventory for large jobs or hard to find vehicles can be sent overnight and ready for our techs the next day.