ABCoA launches next installment of browser-based platform


A web browser is the gateway to so many business and personal activities nowadays. And ABCoA wanted to make sure its latest tool for dealerships and subprime finance companies can be utilized through that technology path.

During its recent 2020 User Conference and Deal Pack Boot Camp, ABCoA unveiled its newest dealership and lender management software to more than 900 attendees: Deal Pack Web.

The company highlighted Deal Pack Web is web-based dealership and lender management software that can be accessed using any modern browser. It is hosted securely by ABCoA in conjunction with Amazon Web Services with significant performance and design optimizations. 

“Developing a cutting-edge ecosystem of software and payment solutions that enable used car dealerships and subprime finance companies to easily manage all aspects of their business is our mission at ABCoA,” ABCoA president Jonathan Hedy said in a news release.

“When designing a new product, we work hard to ensure feature parity between our current offering (Deal Pack Pro) and our newest offering (Deal Pack Web) at the time of launch,” Hedy continued. “Both products will continue to be developed and supported in parallel — giving users freedom to choose. 

“Best of all, users migrating to Deal Pack Web will not endure a complex data conversion, steep learning curve or any price increase whatsoever,” he said.

By using the same MS-SQL database, the company said conversions from Deal Pack Pro to Deal Pack Web are literally seamless with zero data loss. 

While the Deal Pack Web user interface is totally new and optimized for modern web browsers, ABCoA pointed out that workflows and navigation remain similar to Deal Pack Pro, so both new and existing users feel comfortable using Deal Pack Web with its intuitive design. 

While there is no sunset planned for Deal Pack Pro — it will continue to be offered to customers and enhanced with new features — the company sees Deal Pack Web becoming the preferred choice for users because of its modern design and performance improvements.

The company said Deal Pack Web is available now at rates as low as $75 per month.

Deal Pack first debuted in 2000 as a Windows-based application targeting PC users.  This expanded ABCoA’s customer base, who had been accustomed to UNIX-based software utilizing IBM hardware. 

Over the years, Deal Pack evolved into ABCoA’s flagship application and remains the only software in the marketplace to offer a fully integrated general ledger capable of over 150,000 journal entries unique to subprime financing.

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