7 key components of AutoIMS mobile app


As they say, there’s an app for that.

On Wednesday, Auto Auction Services Corp. (AutoIMS) announced a new mobile application for its members. The company highlighted the AutoIMS app was designed to offer users the most vital data and features of its inventory management system in the palms of their hands.

Provided to users at no additional cost, the app is designed to be an intuitive window into AutoIMS and can allow users to:

• Search for vehicles (a VIN scanner is included)

• View and edit the most important vehicle data

• Review and add notes

• Enter or adjust floor prices

• Review and approve repairs on the CR

• Seamlessly transition from desktop work to mobile-enabled work

• Login using biometrics for security and convenience

“Our journey from strategy, to concept, to design, testing, and rollout was intense. Creating a good mobile experience requires extensive input, expertise, and trial and error,” AutoIMS chief technology officer Robert Williams said.

“Our team, together with a partner called DevelopmentNow, rose to the occasion on everything from developing new data pathways to debating color schemes,” Williams continued.

AutoIMS mentioned that released the app to all consignor and auction users gradually during the last few months, and already reports hundreds of logins per day.

The company also noted a group of beta testers that gave input on functionality and design beginning more than a year ago were the first official users. As of Monday, all users have access and were notified of their ability to download the app from either the Apple or Google app stores.

“This investment in our clients’ productivity tested our comfort zone. Yet it is already proving to be a meaningful value-add to AutoIMS users, despite the limited mobility imposed by the pandemic,” AutoIMS vice president of client experience Joe Miller said.

“We are grateful to our clients and shareholders who contributed their time, constructive input, and support to ensure we would deliver a great tool to the industry,” Miller went on to say

Interested users can search “AutoIMS” on their Apple or Android phone’s app store and login with their usual AutoIMS credentials. User-specific privileges and access levels on the app mirror the same on autoims.com.

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