4 benefits of Auto Master and Omnique integration


Independent dealerships that also have their own repair bays now can use complementary tools to keep their retail and service operations running smoothly.

This week, shop management software provider Omnique announced a partnership with Auto Master Systems  to create a fully integrated sales and service solution

The firms highlighted the all-in-one solution can give expanded flexibility and features to independent dealerships looking to maximize operational efficiency and boost profits.

“Especially for busy dealerships who love their management system but need a more compelling way to operate their service department, this new partnership will bring sales and service together through seamless systems integration,” Omnique general manager Cavan Robinson said in a news release.

“We’re confident the Omnique-AMS collaboration will take dealership technology to the next level.”

The firms went on to mention independent dealers can enjoy enhanced features of the integrated systems such as:

• Integrated workflows to quickly create customer repair orders, assign technicians, and track job status

• Streamlined ticketing and estimating operations to eliminate manual data entry

• An integrated accounting system with automatically posted expenses and parts return credits

• Cloud-based processes that allow maximum flexibility for 24/7 remote operations from any device

“Auto dealerships will love the upgraded digital tools in this intuitive system that’s engineered for efficiency,” AMS vice president of sales Mike Downey said.

“They’ll spend more time selling and less time on data entry,” Downey said. “This solution underscores our commitment to the success of independent dealers everywhere.”

To learn more, visit omnique.com or auto-master.com.

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