2 leaders urge industry to attend 2020 IARA Virtual Summer Roundtable

ALCOA, Tenn. – 

Two wholesale industry leaders shared reasons why others should join them during the 2020 IARA Virtual Summer Roundtable hosted by the International Automotive Remarketing Alliance.

ServNet executive director John Brasher opened first by stating why auctions, consignors and other wholesale-market participants should be online for the event set for Aug. 20.

“With several industry events being canceled this year, we are all eager to get together and share information and catch up. We’ve become comfortable with virtual meetings and video conferencing, so it’s the perfect time for the IARA Virtual Summer Roundtable. Thank you to IARA for putting in the legwork to make this happen,” Brasher said.

Strategic Remarketing Solutions president Jeff Bescher added these perspectives.

“While we do not know where the coming year will lead us, the IARA’s Summer Roundtable’s focus on the future is bringing together the best intelligence in the spectrum of our industry, from remarketers, auctions, lenders and suppliers,” Bescher said.

“The interactive discussions and data-driven reports at this conference can offer us a better feel for what we can expect as an industry moving forward,” he went on to say.

Registration for the event can be completed here. For more information or to learn more about the IARA, visit IARA.biz.

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