Dealer Key Service

High Volume On-Site Cutting and Programming

Lost Key Replacement

Key Replacement, Key Duplication, Lock-Out/Lock-In

We're In This Together

Working in the automotive towing, repossession and remarketing industry, the founders of The Key Source were frustrated by lackadaisical response times, vendor inventory issues and inconsistent pricing. So we set out to create a simple, transparent business model that isn’t convoluted with markups or based on junk fees. 


How are we different?


All our technicians have been through rigorous training and attend continuing education. We don't hire to train - all our techs come with a successful track record.


Every staff member's criminal and driving background has been screened and audits are conducted by a third party vendor.


We're fans of prompt service. All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS so our dispatcher can locate the closest available tech. In addition, all time on-site is tracked.

Efficiency Through Technology and Vetted Relationships.

All vehicles are equipped with a company designed proprietary GPS system which routes more efficiently than Google himself.

The inventory we keep on-hand saves us from multiple trips over several days and our mantra of helping everyone out - even our competition, has earned us the valuable ability to have on-call resources for large jobs.